Lung Cancer Treatment That Is The Most Popular


Lung Cancer is the most deadly and responsible for the most number of deaths among all cancers. But thankfully, it is not beyond treatment, especially in its initial stages. The best type of Lung Cancer Treatment depends on the stage and type of cancer. Appropriateness of the suggested procedure relies on the expertise of the Lung Cancer Specialist and performs a long way into guaranteeing a successful recovery. This article gives an overview of the most popular methods of handling Lung Cancer and the usual side-effects associated with them.


Surgery is the most general way of treating Lung Cancer. It includes removal of the tumor along with the affected part of the lung. Though this is a popular step, its feasibility largely depends on the stage of cancer. Surgery is preferably not opted for if the cancer has expanded to other places. The types of operation for Lung Cancer are restricted by the size of the lung tissue which needs to get eliminated.

The method is termed Wedge Resection when only a small part of the lung has to be eliminated. Lobectomy or Bilobectomy is the elimination of an entire portion of the lung. In severe cases, the whole lung may be needed to be removed, in which case, it is named Pneumonectomy. Both Thoracotomy (large incision) and VATS or Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (small incision) can be practiced for Lung Cancer Surgery. The side-effects involve complications because to surgery and pain.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy is applied in 3 cases. It is used to withdraw the tumor before surgery, remove the remaining cancer cells that may be left after surgery, or as the main method of Cancer Treatment. Radiation Therapy, as the primary treatment, is regularly used when the cancer has grown too far for surgery to be possible. The radiations can be discovered either from outside the body or from right within the tumor.

Radiation Therapy is, however, a complicated method with a host of side-effects, like skin effects, sore throat, pain, nausea, tiredness, etc. Reaction to Radio Therapy usually is pretty fast but controlling the side-effects is the job of a specialist.


Chemotherapy, just same Radiation Therapy, tries to kill the cancerous cells. However, in this condition, special drugs are applied in place of radiation. The drugs are administered in tablets or intravenous lines. Chemotherapy has a considerable risk of killing the healthy cells too beginning to side effects like hunger loss, fatigue, hair loss, and more. Chemotherapy is being substituted with targeted therapy which is more precise in attacking the cancerous cells.

Complementary Therapies

A lot of patients are going for complementary therapies to complete their regular treatment administration. Procedures like meditation, Therapeutic Touch, Yoga, Ayurved, etc. have proved to decrease the consequences of side effects and give relief. However, it is very suggested to discuss your Lung Specialist on the same.


Lung Cancer, being deadly, can get a lot of damage on the mental health of the patient and his near and loved ones. The Top Lung Cancer Treatment Centers have facilities for consultation on the same on their own proofs or tie-ups with those that give the same.

The above are several of the most popular ways that are being applied to treat cancer. As a further study on the matter takes newer facts to light, we are positively moving towards a world where Lung Cancer can kill no more. Till that times, guarantee excellent health for your lungs with frequent visits to a Lung Specialist.