Useful Tips for Saving Space in Your Home


Space within many homes is a reward, no matter how we decorate and manage furniture. But there are several accessories which can be applied to help us utilise the space we have available. To assist you, we've outlined any of the products which we would suggest you consider buying for various rooms within your home. Also we recommend that you check this website for your furniture selection, shipping quality from abroad.

Utility Room

Struggling to dry clothes throughout the winter months? Considering a tumble dryer but worried that you don't have space in your utility room? Did you know there are steps you can take to assure you can benefit from the drying power of a tumble dryer without wasting valuable space?

One of the helpful ways to employ the space when taking a tumble dryer into the home is to pile it on top of the washing machine. To do this, we suggest using a stacking kit.

NB: Failure to use a stacking kit has the potential to effect accidents, such as the top device falling over when the door is pulled open.

General stacking kits are fast and easy to install, allowing you to securely and safely stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine. The majority of stacking packages are proper to be used with appliances which are 60cm by 60cm, although we advise reviewing the dimensions before buying.

Along with allowing you to securely stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine, the Stacking Kit can be acquired with a slide-out shelf, making it easier for you to empty your laundry from your washing machine and inside your tumble dryer.


While the celebratory period, there is a great chance you'll have struggled for space in your fridge. Depending on the size of your family, you may also struggle for space following a big shop.

In that situations, somewhat of attempting to cram stuff into the fridge, consider buying a universal wine rack shelf. This will allow you to chill your wine bottles, without taking up precious shelf space, which can be applied to other food.

There are some wine rack shelves available for your fridge, extending from the Universal Bottle and Wine Rack Shelf, which slides merely onto one of your current fridge shelves and can keep up to three bottles of wine

If you're after a shelf which can hold extra bottles, consider the other universal wine rack that available. This again slides onto existing fridge shelves and can hold up to four bottles of wine, saving up vital space in your fridge.

You can advance free space within your kitchen, by installing your microwave on the wall, rather than having it remain on the worktop; with the help of microwave oven wall bracket. These special brackets are accessible to install and can hold a maximum load of 20kg; giving them suitable not only for microwaves but other small kitchen devices too.


As televisions get bigger, found a suitable TV unit which fits in with your decoration can often be hard. It can also be hard to look for a TV unit which does not take up too much space. For those who are concerned about the space available and how they will fit their TV of the decision in, wall mounted brackets may be the perfect solution.

Fit for 25-inch television sets through to sets which exceed 60 inches; a TV wall bracket will aid you to save space in your room, or bedroom, by enabling you to secure your TV to the wall, without ruining the decoration.

With thoughtful planning, and by employing the several space-saving accessories available, there is no reason why you can't make the most out of your household appliances and the space available to you - with a small expense.